How much does a share cost?
Omniflora Farm’s CSF program offers several options to best fit your needs. Our weekly bouquet share runs 13 weeks and costs $175. If you prefer to choose the weeks that you pick up a bouquet, you can build your own custom share for just $14 per week (minimum 4 week commitment per member). Our new dahlia share is $100 for four large bouquets of these elegant flowers.

When and where do I pick up my share?
Weekly shares are available for pick up at the farm during daylight hours on Wednesdays in our walk-in cooler. Our farm is conveniently located at 22 Stevenson Road in Kittery, ME – just minutes off of I-95.

What can I expect my shares to look like?
Each week, we put together a unique arrangement of the finest blooms from our fields; no two bouquets in a season will be alike. For examples of share members’ bouquets from previous years, we invite you to browse through our Bouquet Gallery.

What kind of growing practices do you employ?
Here at Omniflora, we believe that the flowers you take into your home should be grown with the same care as the food you eat, and nothing less. We utilize crop rotation, cover cropping, companion planting, beneficial insects, and other sustainable methods for the health of our environment. We never use synthetic fertilizers or sprays. We utilize certified organic inputs and seed whenever possible. If you have specific questions, please contact us!

What do I do if I’m going to be out of town?
If you know that you’ll be out of town frequently, consider our customizable share, affording you the flexibility you need for a minimal additional cost. If you have signed up for a full season share and will be out of town, you can either take a rain check (see next question) or better yet, give your share to a friend or relative that week!

What’s a rain check and how can I take one?
One rain check per season can be arranged for each CSF member in the event that you are not able to find someone to pick up your flowers on a week that you are away. A rain check needs to be requested via email (in writing) at least one week in advance of the pick-up date that you are anticipating to miss. The week following a member’s planned absence they will automatically receive a double share in order to make up for the week that was missed.

Can I pick up my share early or on a different day?
Providing the highest quality blooms to all of our markets in a timely manner requires careful planning and consideration. In order to guarantee freshness and maximum vase life, we ask that you plan to pick up your flowers during daylight hours on Wednesdays.

What happens if I miss a pick-up?
If you know that you are going to miss a pick-up, share your flowers with a friend or relative by having them pick up for you while you are away! In the event that no one is able to pick up for you, please email us for a rain check. Unfortunately, unclaimed shares are forfeited.