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Omniflora Farm was established in 2017 to provide local seacoast markets with extraordinary fresh blooms and seasonal inspiration. We are transparent with our growing practices and manage our operations with the vitality of our environment, our customers, and our community at the forefront of our priorities.

We believe that cut flowers should be cultivated with the same care as the food we eat, and nothing less. We believe in providing living wages and a safe work environment for happy and healthy farmers. Local flowers provide a drastic reduction in the time, cost, and carbon footprint associated with the transportation of imported blooms from across the country and often overseas, many places where labor standards are poor at best and chemicals are in use that are banned elsewhere across the globe.

We believe that you should be able to ask questions of the farmer that grew your flowers, and we make every effort to support other small area businesses within our community that share a similar mission and standards. We are welcoming to all people; flowers do not discriminate, and neither do we.

Our products are carefully selected for quality, diversity, and the ability to thrive in our unique coastal corner of Maine that we are fortunate enough to call home. There is nothing we'd rather do than grow flowers for you!





Jess Romano discovered her passion for the horticultural industry fourteen years ago and has been devoted to the field ever since. She has diverse experience growing vegetables, berries, annuals and perennials, and nursery stock, but has always been partial to the communicable joy of cut flowers.

You can follow along in the life of a flower farmer with Omniflora's monthly newsletters which go out at the end of the month, reliably on a day when the weather is less than ideal. Sign-up on our home page and don't miss these refreshingly honest updates. You can also find us on Instagram (@omniflorafarm) and Facebook. 

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